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sugar detox review

Happy Friday everyone! 

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was embarking on a sugar detox – I even made no sugar added cookies (which were delicious by the way) for my Try it Tuesday! It all started when I saw a post by Laura at Mommy Run Fast where she talked about a course she offered to help permanently change your relationship with sugar!

This resonated with me – sugar and I get along very well, but our relationship is unhealthy at times and we could use some space :)

sugar detox

I signed up for the webinar on her site, she sent the log-in information, and I scheduled out an hour on my calendar. There were several other women on the call – we all had different reasons and motivations for being there, but one thing was clear; we were ALL addicted to sugar!

Laura opened by giving a history of sugar and its addictive properties. This stuff is no joke! Want to hear something gross? The average American consumes over 100 pounds of sugar per year! Most of us are eating about triple the recommended serving per day! She went on to explain what sugar does once it’s in our body, what causes our cravings, and some of her best tips for overcoming those cravings.

The part that I learned the most from was the sugar alternatives. I read lots of healthy living blogs where the authors post yummy recipes made with all sorts of substitutions, but I’ve always been intimidated to use stevia or agave. After this call, I took a trip to the grocery store and got some different options to experiment with!

Now for the hard part – the detox: 7 days of no sugar added! For 7 days I was to completely cut out added sugar and when the week was up, I was to maintain the 90/10 rule (eat appropriately at least 90% of the time). The detox can be repeated monthly or whenever you need a “clean slate” to reset your sugar cravings!

Despite the insight and energy I garnered from my call with Laura, I didn’t do the best on round 1 of the detox. I tried to start the day after returning from a week long stay at my parent’s house. Our fridge was empty and our pantry was stocked with “off limits” foods. Basically, I was totally unprepared with no meal plan in place. I did well with my diet choices the majority of the time, but then we went out for our anniversary dinner and I definitely ate my share of chocolate lava cake (so good, but so bad!).

Despite not cutting out 100% of my sugar, I ate (and continue to eat) less sugar day to day. I’d call this a success!

I also learned a few good lessons along the way:

  • Sugar is EVERYWHERE!
  • I started actually paying attention to nutrition labels at the grocery store
  • I used fewer condiments and opted for spices to add flavor
  • I need to have a weekly meal plan in place to avoid spur of the moment poor choices
  • I should keep healthy, convenient snacks handy (especially for times I’m glued to the couch nursing)


Most of all, I learned just how addicted to sugar I am. I am definitely going to give the 7 day detox another try in the coming weeks, but only after I get a solid plan in place to set myself up for a good week! :)

If you think you’d like to learn more or try the detox for yourself, head over to Laura’s page! Her seminar is great and she sends invaluable follow-up materials with recipes and tips!

Your turn:

Are you a sugar addict?
What are the worst culprits in your diet?
Do you have any tips for curbing a craving?

*Disclaimer: I was provided this course free of charge in exchange for an honest review. As always, my thoughts and opinions are my own! :)

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