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summer celebrations

Happy Monday! Our family had a fantastic weekend full of the best summer has to offer! Get ready for a photo heavy post – I couldn’t choose ;)

I’m from a small town in Iowa called Audubon. It’s just over an hour away from Omaha, so it’s perfect for quick trips back home and visits from grandpa and grandma. This weekend was Audubon’s annual T-Bone Days celebration, so we headed back to see old friends and join in the fun!

t-bone days audubon iowa
Now would probably be a good time to also mention that Audubon is home the Albert, the world’s largest bull. Yep, he’s a giant concrete bull that stands 30 feet tall and weighs 45 tons.

t-bone days audubon iowa
Oh, and in case you weren’t rolling your eyes yet, this year is his 50th birthday! Hence, the giant party hat! I LOVE it! See why small towns are the best?

Eleanor met Albert last year and looked SO tiny next to him. And 1 year later? Still itty bitty, haha :)

t-bone days audubon iowa
This year E also got to enjoy some time at Albert’s park!

t-bone days audubon iowa
The weekend was fast and furious! We grilled out with my good friend Jessie on Friday night, woke up for a community breakfast on Saturday, visited Albert, played at the park, ate at our favorite local restaurant (Darrell’s Place), and headed back into town for the T-Bone parade…

t-bone days audubon iowa
Eleanor had a blast watching all of the floats go by. The parade was really fun with lots of people wishing Albert a happy 50th! And in true Iowa form, there were also lots and LOTS of tractors…

t-bone days audubon iowa
Jeff even scored a popsicle – even though he had to fight a little girl for it ;)

t-bone days audubon iowa
It was so great to catch up with my friends from high school. I love that our community brings everybody back together each year. T-Bone is definitely a beloved tradition, and in two years we’ll be celebrating our 10 year reunion (yikes!).

t-bone days audubon iowa
If you’re ever passing through Southwest Iowa on I-80, exit off to check out Audubon and snap a picture with Albert :)

Saturday evening was filled with even more summer fun! My friend Hannah scored tickets to a Storm Chasers baseball game. I’ve ran races out at Werner Park, but I’d never actually been to a game. It was a blast! They played the Iowa Cubs, so I was a bit conflicted about who to cheer for. The Storm Chasers played well and won in the end!

omaha storm chasers
I definitely want to go to another game and can’t wait until Eleanor is old enough to enjoy going too – even if it’s just for the funnel cake ;)

omaha storm chasers
It was a great summer weekend! We’re doing our best to savor each and every one – it will be fall/winter in Omaha in no time!

Your turn:

Does your hometown have any fun traditions?

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