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sweet and salty cravings

This weekend I had the ultimate craving for something sweet and salty, but my motivation in the kitchen was at an all-time low (#pregnantproblems). Luckily inspiration struck, and I was able to whip up some delicious chocolate bark in no time flat!

honey roasted chocolate almond bark
Blue Diamond sent me a package of their awesome honey flavored almonds to try – the Honey Roasted Cinnamon Almonds were for cornerstone for this tasty treat along with dark chocolate and pretzels.

honey roasted chocolate almond bark
I chopped up each of the three ingredients, melted the chocolate over some simmering water, spread it out on a baking mat, and sprinkled on my toppings. Then it was just time to wait for everything to set up!

honey roasted chocolate almond bark
So simple, and so good!

honey roasted chocolate almond bark
The chocolate bark didn’t last last long around our house – I guess the whole family must have had the same sweet and salty craving!

If baby doesn’t arrive soon, I might have to pull out the Habanero BBQ flavor to kickstart labor ;)

Your turn:
What do you eat for a sweet and salty craving?

*This post was sponsored by Blue Diamond

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