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tackling temptations

Fall is the start of many things – school, football season, scarves, and all things pumpkin.

It also kicks off the season of temptations for many of us. As fall starts we quickly come up on Halloween. Before long we’re celebrating Thanksgiving, and then Christmas is right around the corner! What do all of these holidays have in common: sweet treats and tasty temptations!


I have the biggest sweet tooth – cupcakes, brownies and cookies galore! Baking brings me joy and gets me in the spirit of the season. I love trying new recipes with and expanding my decorating skills. And obviously I have to give these creations a try (or 2).

Because of this, I know that a zero tolerance policy simply will not work for me. Abstaining from these treats will ultimately lead to a slip up and overindulgence. I know myself well enough to know that balance (rather than rules) is what works best for me.

So what’s my plan to survive fall and winter while maintaining my fitness goals?

3 Tips for Tackling Temptations

1. From Scratch Only
Baking takes time and effort… unless you go the store bought or boxed route. I’m much less likely to end up with brownies on my counter if I don’t let Betty Crocker do most of the work. My plan for the holiday season is to do ALL of my baking from scratch. If I’m willing to do the heavy lifting, I deserve a little piece of the results!

2. Share the Love
I usually try to bake when there’s someone to share it with. With just Jeff and I in the house, an entire batch of cupcakes is simply too much to keep around. If there isn’t a specific event that I’m baking for, I’ve decided to “share the love” with others. I’ve brought goodies over to my neighbors, colleagues and friends. If it hasn’t been eaten in 24 hours, it needs to be shared. I still get the satisfaction of preparing and tasting a treat without the ill effects of 2 dozen cupcakes staring me down :)

3. Avoid the “Lost Cause” Mentality
You know that feeling you get when you feel like you’ve already messed up your entire day? Eating one too many cookies does not mean that the day is a waste and I might as well eat 4 more. Even after a “slip up,” I can still make the conscious choice to reach for a handful of almonds rather than a handful of M&M’s. It’s never too late to start fresh!

Your turn:

Do you have any tricks for surviving the holidays without going crazy at the dessert table?
Do you have any ideas for a healthier Halloween? I’ve read about parents who only let their kids eat Halloween candy on Halloween night before disposing of it. I think it’s a good idea to practice moderation with children and not to encourage overindulgence.


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