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Hello! I’m popping in today to give a quick recap of where I’ve been over the past week. Our little family along with my parents road tripped down to Dallas, Texas to visit my sister, her husband, and our two adorable nieces! I had the BEST time playing with my favorite little girls, exploring the Dallas area, and catching up on some much needed sister time with Rachel.

Please excuse the sheer quantity of photos – it was too hard to choose with so many cute babies! :)

Grandma was on hand for lots of snuggles – thank goodness, because E didn’t love sleeping in her pack ‘n play this trip! 
texas trip

The babies (born only 18 hours apart) loved having a playmate just their size. They played and gave each other hugs and kisses all week which resulted in quite a few scratches and bruises on both of them ;)
texas trip

And Eleanor was completely enamored by Mahala – I think she would have liked to bring her home with us!
texas trip
Jeff got lots of practice playing princesses and my little pony – what a good uncle!
texas trip
The Dallas Arboretum was seriously AMAZING! I want one built in Omaha! The children’s area was unbelievable – the babies had a great time exploring (and eating their fair share of sand)!
texas trip
Two peas in a pod!
texas trip
The celery slide was a big hit!
texas trip
We somehow managed to get E to sit still long enough for a family photo
texas trip
Enjoying some of the beautiful flowers
texas trip
Rachel organized a family picnic on our last night – pizza and s’mores!
texas trip
Mahala had never made a s’more before – she wasn’t sure she liked how sticky it was! I won’t even mention how many I ate ;)
texas trip
E wasn’t too interested in the picnic, so everybody got the chance to chase her around… soooooo close to walking independently!
texas trip
Then it was time to pack up, and hit the road back to Omaha!

Our trip included some other Dallas attractions, multiple birthday parties, and a Lady Gaga concert – I’ll fill you in on those fantastic adventures another time!

Your turn:

Have you ever visited Texas? What did you think?
What’s your favorite vacation destination? We’re pretty happy visiting our family, but we also want to make it to Colorado sometime in the next year!

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