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the great paci debate

There are many “hot topics” for parents, but one reoccurring debate I see is the use of pacifiers.

Let me preface this post by admitting something: I was a complete and total paci addict as a child.

As family legend has it, when I was born the hospital was throwing out a huge box of pacifiers that had come with formula samples. Always willing to help, my dad took the box off their hands and brought it home (Side note: Who says 2nd children don’t get the royal treatment? I’m sure trashed pacifiers totally beat out anything my older sister received).

As you can imagine I developed quite an affinity for the bounty of pacifiers, or as I came to call it, “plug-plug.”

the great paci debate

Even our dog Cindy got in on the paci action!

It’s pretty difficult to find a childhood photo of me without a pacifier in my mouth. I was the queen of multitasking too – when I started talking, my plug-plug hung out the side of my mouth like a cigar. No need to lose precious paci time for this girl!

When it came time to get rid of the pacifier my parents faced an uphill battle. I hid them EVERYWHERE throughout the house. I can actually remember my mom taking them away from me and pretending to eat them. I don’t recommend this parenting tactic – I found it pretty bizarre. The pacis had completely infiltrated our home to the point that during my teenage years my parents were still finding them in random coat pockets and closets.

So, what does this mean for my daughter?

I have spent the first 5 weeks of her life anti-pacifier. Why? I’d like her to develop the ability to self-soothe, I don’t want her to become dependent on anything particular just to be able to fall asleep, AND I don’t want to repeat history and create a paci addict. She had one for 5 minutes while getting her newborn photos taken, and I about developed an ulcer from worry. She had her second round with a paci when Jeff (without the ability to nurse her) was unable to console her while I was at the eye doctor.

the great paci debate

I’m warming up to the idea of using the paci when necessary such as the occasional evening when I don’t want to be her human pacifier. It’s also nice to have a tool to console her when we’re in public and I need a chance to find a place to nurse. I’m hoping to keep pacifier use to a minimum, but I know better than to make any promises :)

Your turn:

What’s your take of the great paci debate?
Do you have any childhood memories of using one?
Any suggestions for parents trying to wean their kids off it?


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