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thinking ahead with your child’s health

Thanks to the Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital for sponsoring today’s post! 

thinking ahead with your child's health
If there’s one thing all moms can agree on, it’s that we ALL worry about our kids. Are they happy? Are they healthy? Are they growing? What can (and inevitably will) go wrong?

Our family has been very fortunate so far and have only encountered minor medical issues. In the early stages of figuring out Eleanor’s MSPI, we were very scared and extremely worried. We were in uncharted territory and needed expert medical advice. That’s when I realized the importance of having a good plan in place for what to do during a health crisis.

Making decisions in tense, stressful situations isn’t easy – especially when your kids are involved. Making a plan ahead of time will give you peace of mind when the unexpected happens!

Thinking Ahead with your Child’s Health

Make a Plan: Figure out where you want family members taken in the event of an emergency. A few factors we took into consideration were location, services offered, and wait time. I spoke with Pam Hatz, emergency manager at Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital, who stressed the importance of an efficient ER.

On average, patients at the Emergency Department at Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital see a doctor within 20 minutes of arrival – that’s half the wait time at most ER’s! And to a worried parent, I can tell you those minutes are precious.

nebraska orthopaedic hospital
Communicate with Caregivers:
Your plan only works if everybody knows about it! Make sure you let grandparents and other caregivers know your preferences on how to handle emergencies. We keep important information such as this on the side of refrigerator where it can’t be misplaced. Remember to update this info if any critical details change.

Keep a Log: The moment something out of the ordinary arises, start keeping a log. By the time you determine something is serious enough for medical intervention, trust me, you’ll want a record!

I like this notepad from Emily Ley that gives you columns to track what happens during your kiddo’s day. For babies, tracking diapers is often important, but as the girls have grown, I’ve used the columns to record fevers and medications administered. It makes answering a doctor’s questions infinitely easier!

A special thanks to Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital for starting today’s conversation. Their centrally-located facility at 144th and West Center Road treats patients of all kinds and has on-site lab, xray, CAT scan and MRI available. To learn more about the Emergency Department at Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital, visit www.omahaemergency.com.

Your turn:
What have you done to prepare for the unexpected?
Give me your “mom hacks” for taking care of sick kiddos!

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