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This weekend is brought to you by the letter F for FOOD… FAMILY and FUN!

Or B for BEER, depending on your viewpoint :)

Well, summer classes have officially started, and I made it through week 1! Overall I think I’m really going to enjoy the content of the courses. My children’s literature course is like a blast from the past. We started with nursery rhymes this week and it was so fun to relive childhood memories about the books that sparked our passion for reading. I’m so happy to FINALLY be a proud library card carrier. I can’t believe it took me 2 years to actually pull the trigger. The classes are going to be fast and furious, but I know I’ll make it through ok – even WITH a wedding to plan :)

I’m so excited for this weekend I can hardly handle it. My parents are currently en route to Milwaukee – yay! We have a busy weekend ahead of us – addressing wedding invites that are fresh off the presses of Moglea, hitting up the West Allis farmer’s market and making the most of Milwaukee Downtown Dining Week. We have reservations this evening for a Riverwalk Boat Tour. Neither J or I have ever done one since we’ve lived here, so we’re really excited to see the city from the river. The menu doesn’t look too shabby either!

I’ll update you on our weekend on Sunday – until then, I’m going to be soaking up some sun, enjoying a glass of wine (or two) and making the most of time with my family :)

I’ll leave you with the latest pictures of our garden out back – love all the color!

flower garden june 8


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