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three cooks one kitchen: fondue party

Oh… I’m not even sure how to start this post, haha! The real title should probably be “Fon-DON’T try this at home!”

As you may have guessed, our Three Cooks One Kitchen fondue party didn’t quite go as planned, but we had plenty of laughs along the way. Last Saturday before BeerFest, Erin, Hannah and I along with our friend Jordan (and all of our significant others) got together for some fondue fun.

three cooks one kitchen
Our plan was to make one pot of cheese and one pot of chocolate with plenty of dipping options for both. Everything seemed pretty straightforward – we got to work prepping the sides…

3c1k fondue 3
And then we tackled the cheese – it came together really easy, but never got to a very good dipping consistency

3c1k fondue 8
Then the chocolate was an utter disaster (and I’ll take most of the blame here, haha). I think the chocolate got too hot – it didn’t taste burnt, but the consistency was grainy (kind of like brownie batter). Definitely NOT dippable!

Jordan tried to salvage it by melting in some marshmallows. It helped, but it still wasn’t very pretty haha!

Watching the group try to dip out of the sticky cheese was so funny! There was cheese EVERYWHERE – I literally could not stop laughing.

3c1k fondue 17

3c1k fondue 23
At least from a distance everything LOOKS pretty – and all of the dippers were delicious haha ;)

Oooooo ahhhhhhhh

Will I try fondue again? Probably not – it was a lot of prep for some sad results. However, if you’re brave enough to fondue, here are my tips:

1. Use a cheese recipe with wine. The acidity is supposed to keep it from congealing
2. Don’t overheat your chocolate. Err on the side of caution here or else you’ll end up with a gritty mess!
3. Have plenty of yummy food for dipping (or not dipping if it ends up as a disaster haha)
4. Invite some goodnatured friends – you’ll need someone to laugh with ;)

beer fest girls
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Your turn:
Have you ever made fondue? 

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