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three cooks one kitchen: taco spice rubbed salmon

This weekend, Erin hosted Hannah and I for a night of cooking and our January Three Cooks One Kitchen! Hannah has recently started eating fish again, so we decided it was the perfect opportunity to cook up something new – Taco Spice Rubbed Salmon and a spicy vegetable side.

three cooks one kitchen
To be completely honest, Hannah and Erin did most of the heavy lifting this time around. They chopped, diced, and sautéed while I sipped water and read them the recipes. Luckily, they still let me eat the final results ;)

We tackled the veggies first. We sautéed together onion, zucchini, tomatoes, and good ole’ Iowa sweet corn with cilantro and a dash of Tabasco Sauce. It was incredibly easy to throw together and could be left warming on the stove as we finished the fish.

three cooks one kitchen salmon
Next came prepping the salmon. Hannah and I opted to cut the skin off ours, but Erin left hers intact. As a fish newbie, there was only so much I was willing to handle…. for now :)

three cooks one kitchen salmon
We measured out the spices for the taco rub (even adjusting for feeding a smaller crowd) and ended up with WAY too much. If I make this again, I’ll definitely be cutting it by at least half!

Despite our excess spice mix, prepping the fish was very simple. Hannah just patted the spices over the entire fish before laying it on a silpat mat to bake in the oven.

three cooks one kitchen salmon
Everything turned out beautiful and tasted just as good! I LOVED the hint of spice in the veggies and actually ended up mixing most of my salmon with the side to eat together – YUM!

three cooks one kitchen salmon
It was awesome to catch up with these ladies and get to eat and awesome meal together! I look forward to Three Cooks One Kitchen every month! It’s always good for a few laughs and I get the chance to try something completely new!

three cooks one kitchen salmon
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Your turn:

Do you like preparing fish?
What’s your favorite way?

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