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three cooks three kitchens: breakfast for dinner

It’s already time for our March edition of Three Cooks One Kitchen! This month had a bit of a different twist though – I ended up getting sick last week, so Hannah, Erin and I each cooked on our own. Not nearly as much fun, but sometimes you just gotta roll with it! :)

Our plan was to make these Sweet Potato Breakfast Burritos from Hungry Healthy Girl and hopefully have enough extras to each take some home to freeze (perfect for a family expecting a baby). But per the usual in our house, Jeff and I liked them so much, that we didn’t have much left by the time it came to freeze anything ;)

After all of the chopping was done, the sweet potato hash was incredibly easy to throw together – and it smelled AWESOME!

And scrambling eggs is Cooking 101, so no problems there…

I’m going to be completely honest here and tell you that I attempted rolling exactly one burrito. After I failed, we just ate ours as tacos

And Eleanor had hers in a bowl (she LOVED it)

And my leftovers you ask? My patience for burrito making didn’t increase, so everything was packed into handy containers ;)

Three cooks in three kitchens wasn’t nearly as entertaining as when we all cook together, but I must say that I enjoy eating just as much, haha! Check out how breakfast for dinner went down for Hannah and Erin:

Clean Eating Veggie Girl
Her Heartland Soul

Your turn:

Any burrito rolling secrets I should know?
Do you like breakfast for dinner?

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