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totally rad weekend

This weekend was everything a weekend should be – a mix of relaxation, house projects, good food, sweet friends, and a family 5k!

Friday started with dinner with some girlfriends at Mark’s in Dundee. I’ve never been there before and LOVED the Carnitas Tacos I ordered! We hit up eCreamery for dessert and I was able to enjoy some sorbetto even on my non-dairy diet!

rad weekend
Saturday marked the start of our epic basement repainting project. It was fun for about 5 minutes, haha! The entire basement is being transformed from a circus peanut orange to a much subtler color. We (mostly Jeff) worked our butts off to get one coat of primer on all of the walls, but it’s going to take a whole 2nd coat of prime before we can even begin color. Any volunteers?! :)

rad weekend
Sunday was the highlight with the Totally Rad 80’s Run!

totally rad 80s run omaha
It was held at Aksarben Village (same as the Diva Dash) and was a ton of fun! We decided to make it a family affair and pushed Eleanor in her stroller.

We don’t have a jogging stroller, but we LOVE our regular Mamas and Papas stroller we’ve been using all along. It was a bit heavy and clunky, so we definitely want to make an investment in a stroller to use on more runs this summer!

totally rad 80s run omaha
Even with rain in the forecast, the weather turned out being just perfect! It was one of my favorite costume races yet! Jeff and I didn’t go too crazy, but it was fun to see all of the unique outfits other runners came up with. There was even a Ghostbuster and Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!

totally rad 80s run omaha
Eleanor had a great time “making friends” at the start line but…

totally rad 80s run omaha
…ended up falling asleep about a mile into the race. Here she is with her very first 5k medal!

I used my Carseat Canopy and she was snug as a bug (you can still snag one for FREE using MAKINGMINE13 at checkout)! Even with the added weight of the stroller, Jeff and I ended up having a great 5k time!

totally rad 80s run omaha
The race was a success, but I DO have two complaints….

1st, we ran on a trail which was WAY too narrow for the number of runners there were. It was almost impossible to pass people even without a stroller to worry about. There also seemed to be a big lack of common race courtesy – like if you know you’re going to walk, start at the back of the start line. Or if you want to slow down mid-race, to move over to the far right side of the path. People were walking 4 wide right from the start. Ugh, oh well!

2nd, I realize that this was a fun, costume, non-serious running event, BUT there were quite a few people who “cheated” and turned around way before the 1.5 mile mark. I don’t understand registering for a race, getting dressed up, and then not even completing it. They were mostly groups of girls around my age who could have WALKED the 5k even if they couldn’t have ran the whole thing. Seems lame. Oh well, they’re only cheating themselves!

Ok, I’m done ranting! :)

It was a great 1st family race and we can’t wait to do many more!

totally rad 80s run omaha

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