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Aside from the BIG news in our lives, we’ve had another change here in the Murnan house. Jeff recently got a new job that has offices here in Omaha, so he is no longer a work from home employee.

Obviously it’s a big transition for Jeff, but this new endeavor has changed a lot for Eleanor and I as well. Having a telecommuting spouse has its perks, but it also has its limitations.

We’re well on our way through week two of Jeff being back in the office and here are some of my initial thoughts…

Yay: A local job gives us the chance to set deeper roots in the community

Nay: Ironing and dry cleaning are back

Yay: We no longer have to explain that yes, working from home requires you to WORK ;)

Nay: No spur of the moment visits to quickly check in with each other

Yay: An entire day apart from each other makes you miss/appreciate your spouse a little bit more

Nay: Being totally and completely alone with a 16 month old all day (read: no adult conversation)

Yay: Eleanor and I have free reign of the house

Nay: Commuting – time, gas, etc…

The most important YAY: Jeff has a new challenge and something to drive his passions

I am incredibly proud of Jeff for taking on this new challenge. He is a wonderful provider and gives me the opportunity to stay home with Eleanor (which yes, is an important job too). And on top of everything else, he’s still been able to grow his blog design business Murnan Creative!

Eleanor and I certainly look forward a little more to the time we get to spend with him :)

Your turn:

Do you work from home or have a spouse who works from home?
Would you like to have a telecommuting job?

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