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try it tuesday: fitradio

Today’s Try it Tuesday comes courtesy of my husband Jeff who is currently training for his 1st half marathon! He’s been using the FitRadio app on his iPhone to pass the time during his runs and motivate him to finish strong. Since I have a (slightly shorter) race of my own coming up, he suggested that I give it a try.

I know many runners create custom playlists to keep themselves occupied, but I’m not much of a planner for my workouts. When I use iTunes for running, I usually just put it on shuffle and end up with some of Eleanor’s baby tunes mixed in there (Mickey Mouse is not exactly what I need to push through a difficult run, haha).

fitradio app

I wanted music that was plug-and-play and required little to no effort in setting up. FitRadio fits that bill completely. You can choose your music based on genre or select from a list of stations based on specific workouts. I chose the 5K station for my most recent run.

fitradio app

It automatically selects songs within the 125 – 132 beats per minute range to help you maintain consistent pacing. The music selections were upbeat and had decent variety. Nothing was too overpowering or distracting either. I really enjoyed hearing new songs and not having to worry about what strange song might pop up next!

It’s also nice that the music will keep playing even when you close out of the app. I was able to easily use MapMyRun simultaneously to track my route. Right now I just have the free version, but if I continue to use it consistently it might be worth upgrading to get rid of any ads (think, like Pandora).

For people who want more control over what they’re listening to, there’s lots of options to customize your playlists. Right now I like the simplicity of just pressing play, so I haven’t delved into that side of things.

Jeff’s half marathon is this weekend, so head over to his Facebook page to wish him luck :)

Your turn:

Do you listen to music while you workout or are you a purist?
My husband also likes listening to podcasts – would you give that a try?
Have a favorite app of your own? Tell me about it! 

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