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santa & an ugly sweater run!

We had a wonderfully “Christmas-y” weekend here in Omaha! It started on Friday night by taking Eleanor to see Santa for the 1st time. We went to Regency Court and I swear this guy could be the real deal! I mean, look at that beard!

The line was fairly long (as to be expected), but Eleanor had a great time watching the other kiddos and making silly faces at us. When the moment of truth arrived, she did just great! No tears – she sat very nicely on Santa’s lap while Jeff and I made complete fools out of ourselves trying to get her to smile for the photo :)

visiting santa
Sunday started with a BIG 1st for Eleanor! She had her 1st “solid” food. I stopped by Whole Foods to pick up the rice cereal recommended by her pediatrician. I mixed it with breast milk and made it suuuuuper runny (we’ve thickened it up since that 1st try). She didn’t quite understand what was happening, but she enjoyed having the spoon dipped in the cereal and then chewing on it for awhile.

baby cereal
On Sunday morning Jeff fed her and she did a bit more slurping and swallowing. He modeled with his yogurt and she followed right along! Smart baby!

baby cereal
Sunday morning was also the day of Omaha’s Ugly Sweater Run! I signed up for this 5k forever ago, but Jeff got talked into running at the last minute. I’m so happy he decided to join me! I found a thrift store sweater, but we had to improvise with Jeff. We used his Santa suit from a Santa pub crawl years ago. We stuck some super ugly bejeweled appliqués on it, and he was good to go!

ugly sweater run omaha
The weather was pretty cold at 28º, but once we got running it wasn’t too bad. I doubled up my leggings and wore a turtleneck under my sweater and managed to *mostly* stay warm enough. The toughest part was getting my toes warmed up and my lungs used to the cold air. The race was very casual – as in, stop and have some hot cocoa at mile 2 :)

ugly sweater run omaha
The race was a blast! Everybody was in a cheerful Christmas spirit, and the sweaters were truly the ugliest I have ever seen! There were fun inflatables along the route complete with this GIANT Santa to greet us at the end!

ugly sweater run omaha
There was free beer and hard cider at the finish line, so we stuck around for awhile and met up with a few friends! Check out Erin and Josh’s matching penguin sweaters – too cute! Jess dressed as an elf and Spencer managed to pull off a Christmas vest, musical tie AND boxers :)

ugly sweater run omaha
We had such a fun weekend – it’s always fun to get out and do something active! I definitely want to do the Ugly Sweater Run again next year!

Your turn:

Have you ever run an Ugly Sweater Run? It wasn’t nearly as freezing as I expected it to be!
Do you take your kids to see Santa? Any meltdowns? ;)



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