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warrior dash

On Saturday Jeff and I dropped Eleanor at my parents’ house and trekked to Earlham, Iowa for the Warrior Dash. It was not your typical Midwest August day with temps in the 70’s and a fine mist – in other words it was PERFECT for a 3.3 mile mud run with 12 obstacles!

We arrived about an hour before our wave started, picked up our packets (which included an assortment of warrior gear) and had just enough time to snap some photos in these ridiculous hats… you’re welcome ;)
warrior dash iowa
The event was HUGE and one of the best run we’ve ever been to! The Warrior Dash crew has this race down to a science! I can say without a doubt this was the most challenging and most fun race I’ve ever done! The 3.3 mile run was broken up by 12 different obstacles ranging from crawling through muddy trenches to scaling rope walls and grasping your way over muddy mounds to leaping over fire.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with my recent hip issues, but I decided to give it my all. There was only one obstacle I couldn’t complete and it had nothing to do with my hip. The Great Warrior Wall required you to use a rope to scale a huge wall, and I simply did not have the upper body strength to propel myself upward. I got about halfway twice before I decided it just wasn’t going to happen. Bummer, but I’m glad I tried! That’s more than what Joanna 1 year ago would have done :)

warrior dash iowa
The end was the best! We walked a beam across a water pit before sliding down a HUGE slide and being launched into a muddy mess of water. It was a blast :)

warrior dash iowa
Here are a few before and afters…

warrior dash iowa
There were long waits at two of the obstacles, so it ended up taking us about 1.5 hours to complete! Whew, it was definitely a good workout! And was it muddy? Absolutely

warrior dash iowa
If you’re thinking about doing a mud run, I highly recommend the Warrior Dash! Not sure obstacles are your thing? Do whatever you’re comfortable with. You ALWAYS have the option of skipping something and moving on. I suggest giving it your all though – you might be surprised what you’re capable of :)

Your turn:

Have you ever done the Warrior Dash? What did you think?
Would you ever want to try a mud run?

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