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wedding weekend snaps

Hi and happy Monday! We had a busy weekend traveling across the state of Iowa to a family wedding. It was a great event made even better by getting to see my sister, her husband, and my two sweet nieces.

As luck would have it, the location of the wedding festivities allowed us to see both sides of my family – Eleanor got to see all of her great grandparents in 1 weekend! Here are a few snaps from our whirlwind weekend together:

A roadside stop with Grandpa


The babies sharing dinner

weekend snaps

And giving a long overdue hug!

weekend snaps

Enjoying Moe Farm with great grandpa and grandma

weekend snaps

Picking dandelions with Aunt Rachel

weekend snaps

Swinging with these two cuties

weekend snaps

M entertaining the babies with a game of peek

weekend snaps

Enjoying the reception with Grandma

weekend snaps

M found the cupcakes :)



weekend snaps

My sister’s busy busy family



My little family (and some gorgeous bluffs)

weekend snaps

An early morning swim (6 am to be exact)

weekend snaps

We had the place to ourselves!

weekend snaps

The cutest cousins ever – saying goodbye until next week!


The babies are both turning 1 this week and we’ll be partying together on Saturday! I’m so excited to have my sister’s family around for a couple of weeks – these little girls are just the sweetest!

Your turn:

What did you do this gorgeous weekend?
What’s your favorite part of wedding celebrations? Getting together with family is such a blessing – plus, cake ;)

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