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Week 2: Truckin’ Through

Well, I’m 2 workouts away from rounding out week 2 of Insanity!

Overall it’s been a really good week. Like I said before, this week’s workouts are all repeats….. until tomorrow when we add Abs into the mix. Yep, that’s right. Not 1 session per day, but 2! Just thinking about an entire workout devoted to abs is enough to make me double over in pain. I’m definitely going to need a miracle to get through that one.

I don’t really feel sore anymore, but soreness has been replaced with overall muscle fatigue. I ran 6 miles on both Monday and Tuesday along with the Insanity regimen. I don’t really know what I was thinking. Running is comforting and I’m in total control – I think I was trying to find a balance to the insanity of Insanity. Probably not my best idea. My shins ached terribly, so I used yesterday as a recovery day. I did the cardio recovery workout as scheduled and skipped any additional gym activities.

I’m not even sure what today’s workout is, but I really want to push it. I’m not good about being patient for results, so waiting for this body “transformation” is difficult. I’m really trying to adhere to a good diet so the hours of Insanity don’t go to waste. I’m hoping I see something good in the mirror and on the scale soon though!

How do you stay motivated with an exercise program? How do you correct when you’re not seeing the results you expect?

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