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Weekend Getaway

J had a work Christmas party in Chicago yesterday afternoon, so we took the 11:00 train to the city with some of his co-workers. We had debated all week about whether or not to stay the night, and eventually decided that we wouldn’t. However, the minute we were going to have to make a dash to Union Station neither of us wanted to leave (surprise, surprise).

SO… we bought tickets to a show, booked a last minute hotel room (more on that later), and made plans to enjoy our wintery evening in Chicago!

Without much of a plan, we basically just set out walking and stumbled upon a series of events that became a really great evening….

First was the Chriskindlmarket where Daley Plaza is transformed into an ole’ time German market complete with Santa Claus and Christmas tree. It was so fun wandering through the vendors and smelling the freshly roasted nuts and hot cocoa. We even ended up buying J a floppy wool hat to help fight the cold. He looked adorable.

We had time to kill before the show, so we walked through Macy’s and some other stores along Michigan Ave. Everything is decorated so beautifully for the holidays. With window displays so intricate, it’s no wonder crowds stop and stare.

Finally, 7:30 rolled around and we headed to the Chicago Theater to see………. A Christmas Story! I had been badgering J about the fact that we hadn’t caught this classic movie on TV yet, so it was the perfect opportunity to get my yearly fix of all things Ralphie. The production was so fun – the kids totally stole the show. The music was great, and the story played out just as well on stage as it does on screen.

We capped off our night at Pizzeria Dues complete with a deep dish pizza and a live arrest (scary!). And after a long day of walking around what felt like the ENTIRE city, we literally fell into bed.

I’m not going to lie, the best part of the weekend was waking up to SNOW! We bundled up one last time to grab donuts and coffee for breakfast and spent our last free hour enjoying the snowy Chicago morning.

Start to finish, it was less than 24 hours, but it was just the getaway we needed to get in the Christmas spirit!

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