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weekend snaps: baby on the brain

Hello and HAPPY Monday! For those of you wondering, YES – I’m still pregnant ;)

We have definitely had baby on the brain though! Just look at Jeff and Eleanor with their hands full…

It was a dreary weekend here in Omaha. We had so much wind and rain that our driveway looked SNOW covered from all of the debris from our trees! And in Nebraska, nothing would surprise me, haha!

To avoid extreme cabin fever, we did manage to get out of the house for some rainy day fun at the Children’s Museum. I think Eleanor’s favorite thing to do is shop…

…and go down the slide of course!

On an unrelated note, my poor maternity clothes are working overtime these days – my bump is hard to contain ;)

Like I mentioned in my “bumpdate” on Friday, I’m still feeling amazing despite being 38 weeks pregnant. Eleanor and I are going to tackle this week just like any other – we’ll hit up Go! Kids’ Gym, the library, and I have Cardio and Strength tonight at Mommy Fitness. But whenever our little Miss decides to make her appearance, we’ll be ready :)

Your turn:
What’s your favorite way to spend a rainy day?

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