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weekend snaps: baby’s first beer fest

Hi and happy Monday! We had an incredibly fun/busy weekend with friends this weekend! I’m really not ready to face the fact that Monday is here!

On Saturday we dropped Eleanor off with her grandparents and headed to Erin and Josh’s place for a fondue party (more on that on Thursday) with a few friends. As pretty as it looks, let’s just say… we probably won’t be fondue-ing again anytime soon, haha!

After our fondue adventure, we loaded up and headed to Extreme Beer Fest – yep, even at 30 weeks pregnant, I didn’t want to miss out on a fun afternoon with friends. We made some pretzel necklaces first (genius idea Hannah)…

Beerfest was HUGE! There was an incredible amount of beer to try from breweries all across the country. They had limited releases scheduled throughout the event, so the crowds would get pretty crazy…

They even had a plinko set – Hannah was the big winner with a keychain ;)

Even without getting to try a single beer, I had a great time! Here’s what was on tap for me…

It was really funny to see people’s reactions to a pregnant lady walking around the convention center. There were lots of stares, a few nudges and points, and I overheard, “OMG she’s SUPER pregnant” on more than one occasion. I think as people’s beer consumption increased, their ability to hide their reactions decreased ;)

On Sunday morning we ran a TON of errands and took Eleanor swimming at LifeTime. That little lady LOVES the pool!

The only way I can get her out of the water is with the promise that she can blow dry her hair after her shower :)

Eleanor and I both enjoyed LONG afternoon naps before I headed back to Erin’s place for an Oscar’s party. It was really fun to watch the awards show with a group, and things got a bit competitive with a game of Oscar’s BINGO.

She made a really yummy dip with Stonyfield Petite Crème yogurt – I need to get the recipe from her asap!

I crashed as soon as I got home (as you can probably tell from this post going up a bit late), but sometimes sleep always wins ;)

Your turn:

Have you ever been to a Beer Fest event?
Did you watch the Oscar’s? What was your favorite moment? 

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