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weekend snaps: ocm farm opening

This is usually my Monday post, but yesterday I wanted to make sure you all had the chance to learn about Family Dining Week and enter to win the Hy-Vee gift card that’s up for grabs! If you haven’t entered yet, click here to sign up!

Now, back to the weekend! We had a great weekend with some exciting news! Eleanor and I had play group on Friday afternoon before heading downtown with Jeff for the Omaha Children’s Museum’s opening of the “Once Upon a Farm” exhibit.

ocm once upon a farm
It was our first exhibit opening as members, and we never want to miss one again – it was SO much fun! There were yummy treats and games with prizes, and even some little farm toys that Eleanor hasn’t put down since we got home :)

Like any kid, the first thing that caught Eleanor’s eye when we walked in the door was the GIGANTIC combine in the middle of the room.

ocm once upon a farm
She took off right in that direction and played with the spinny thing in the front FOREVER. (No, “spinny thing” is not the technical term. I may be from Iowa, but I am NO farm girl, haha!)

ocm once upon a farm
Most of the exhibit was over Eleanor’s head, but there were definitely still activities she enjoyed. There was a table teaching about irrigation that she enjoyed splashing in, and of course the train was a hit!

ocm once upon a farm
There was so much to do, see, and touch – we didn’t have nearly enough time to do it all! Eleanor and I have already decided to head back later this week to check it out again!

ocm once upon a farm
Saturday was another swimming lesson for Eleanor and runza making with Hannah and Erin! Look for our new Three Cooks One Kitchen post on Thursday!

Sunday brought more girl time with a trip out to the Nebraska Crossing Outlet mall. I LOVE that mall and found some really great deals for this fall/winter at Banana Republic, J. Crew and Ann Taylor!

I also found out some REALLY exciting news over the weekend! Remember that final licensing exam I was stressing out about? Well….. I passed! I wasn’t actually worried I had failed, but you never know! Now I just need to get loads of paperwork in order before applying for my teaching license. I couldn’t be more excited!

My dad brought me this gorgeous (and delicious) apple pie to celebrate the final step in becoming a teacher ;)

That was our weekend in a nutshell! Jeff also has some exciting news that I’ll be sharing after he gets settled in the next couple of days :)

Your turn:

What did you do this weekend?
Where do you love to shop?

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