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weekend snaps: happy days

Here we are at Monday again! We had another fun yet productive weekend – be prepared for lots of photos of Eleanor (I didn’t figure you wanted to see the boring aspects of our weekend like cleaning haha)!

Saturday was a big day for Eleanor – two of her favorite little buddies had birthday parties! We started at Conor’s house (or as Eleanor would say, “Tonor’s house”) for his 4th birthday bash. Eleanor ran herself ragged on his little slide and enjoyed some Scooby Doo cupcakes – as evidenced all over her face ;)

I thoroughly enjoyed myself too – this ice cream cake was absolute perfection!

After only 50% of her partying complete, this little lady was shot! Luckily she got a good nap in-between!

Next up was Emma’s 2nd birthday party complete with an adorable Sesame Street theme! Seriously, how cute are these fruit plates and cupcakes?!

It was hosted at one of Eleanor’s favorite spots – Go! Kids’ Gym, so there was plenty of running, jumping, and sliding to do! I did manage to get her to slow down long enough for a photo with her daddy though…

The highlight of her day? Probably getting to pick out not one, but TWO stickers to put on her shirt – of course she went for Elmo and Abby ;)

After a day of partying I didn’t feel like cooking, so we headed to Buffalo Wild Wings where Eleanor kept herself occupied by taking roughly 200 photos of her forehead on my phone…

We capped off our night with a good long walk – aren’t these two adorable?! :)

Sunday was a “Oh no, we have baby coming in 6 weeks” day! We did a ton of odd jobs around the house – unfortunately I started more tasks than I finished, so the house is in a bit of disarray, but hopefully things will get wrapped up today.

The biggest change is that we’re now a 2 carseat family! It’s all getting real!

Sunday ended with some yummy cooking that I’ll share later on this week!

Your turn:

Are you like me and start a million small tasks, or do you stick through and get one thing done at a time?
What was the highlight of your weekend?


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