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weekend snaps: omaha’s best

Hello and HAPPY Monday! Our family had a wonderful weekend and soaked up some of Omaha’s best. We’re in the middle of home renovations (ugh), so we had to clear out for the entire day on Saturday while the crew painted. I’ll be SO glad when I can clean up all of the dust and get settled back in. But until then… here are some weekend snaps!

We started off at our family favorite – the Henry Doorly Zoo. The weather was perfect, the crowds were manageable, and Eleanor was in a great mood to enjoy the day. We figured out the magic trick – snacks (and lots of them)!

She was pointing and jabbering at all of the animals…

omaha zoo
How gorgeous is this peacock? Yeah, the baby’s pretty cute too :)
omaha zoo
E loved the Garden of the Senses and we had some photo opps we couldn’t pass up…omaha zoo
Obviously thrilled her mom wanted more photos ;)
omaha zoo
Following the zoo, we got a call from one of Jeff’s aunts offering us club seats at the College World Series. We hadn’t been to the CWS since college, so it was an offer we couldn’t pass up! Jeff’s sisters babysat for us and we were on our way!

The new stadium was AMAZING…
omaha college world series
Our seats were great…
omaha college world series
And the ice cream wasn’t too bad either (obviously totally necessary)
omaha college world series
Omaha is so lucky to host such a wonderful event! If you’ve never been, I’d highly suggest hitting up a game! It’s just not summer without baseball!
omaha college world series
After a busy Saturday, we spent Sunday bumming around the house. The morning started with the realization that our deep freeze was unplugged when our contractor started last week – I had 116 ounces of breast milk totally ruined :(

Ohhhhhhhh well! It was still a wonderful weekend and a great reminder of how lucky we are to live in such a great community!

And last but not least – CONGRATS to Janet on winning the Scooter’s prize pack! I’m sure you’ll LOVE it! :)

Your turn:

What’s your favorite part of the zoo?
Are you a baseball fan? Ever been to the CWS?

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