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weekend snaps: sunny january

Hello and happy Monday! We enjoyed temps in the 50’s this weekend which is a pleasant change from the subzero days we’ve been having! We had another great (busy) weekend – I’ll let the photos do most of the talking…

On Thursday we hit up Toddler Time at Mommy Fitness again. Eleanor is coming out of her shell more and enjoyed playing with the giant stability balls :)

weekend snaps
Friday afternoon was simply beautiful, so we took a long walk with the dog. Eleanor LOVED getting to be outside without bundling up in 6 layers :)

weekend snaps
Saturday morning started with Prenatal Cardio and Strength. Julie set up 10 different 1 minute circuits that we rotated through – it was SO fun and a great challenge!

weekend snaps
I ran home to quickly change before heading out for errands the rest of the day. At 4:00 I attended the Thumb Sucking Matters seminar at Mommy Fitness. Eleanor has ALWAYS been a thumb sucker, and while I’m not concerned yet, I was excited to learn more from an expert on the topic.

Nancy Wehner is an Orofacial Myologist here in Omaha who specializes in thumb sucking. She had a wealth of information for us – from when thumb sucking becomes an issue and the problems it can create to how to go about ending it. I’m SO happy I went! She’ll be back at Mommy Fitness next month to talk about sippy cups – keep an eye on their Facebook page for more info!

thumb sucking matters
During my day of errands, I picked up a booster seat for Eleanor. Like most of my parenting decisions, I followed Eleanor’s lead on this. She’s been showing interest in sitting in our regular chairs and being pushed up to the table.

She loved her new seat and she’s done really well so far! I have to admit, it’s really nice getting rid of the high chair too – more space!

weekend snaps
The next morning she let all her babies try the new booster at breakfast…

weekend snaps
Sunday was a slow morning. Jeff had been fighting a cold and it seemed like Eleanor was a bit under the weather. It was nice to get some extra toddler snuggles :)

weekend snaps
We had another gorgeous afternoon, so we took a family walk and played in the backyard. Eleanor tried out her new soccer ball – she might need some more practice ;)

weekend snaps
I’d be happy to spend every Sunday like this!

weekend snaps
Eleanor definitely caught Jeff’s cold, so it was a rough night around here. I don’t blame her – it’s hard to fall asleep when you have a cold and can barely breathe. Luckily Ruby kept me company :)

And…. some Ben & Jerry’s didn’t hurt either ;)

weekend snaps
I’m afraid I’m coming down with this cold too (so nice for my family to share haha), so we’re going to take a slow day today – catch up on laundry, do some meal prep, and hopefully NAP :)

Your turn:

How was the weather this weekend in your neck of the woods?
What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

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