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weekend snaps with my valentines

Happy Monday friends! I hope you had a weekend full of LOVE ;)

Like I mentioned in my post on Friday, Eleanor and I kicked off the weekend early with a Valentine’s party with her playgroup friends. My sister got E an adorable V-Day outfit, so we had a mini photo shoot before we left…

valentines weekend
Complete with kisses for the puppy of course ;)

valentines weekend
Eleanor was SO excited to give out her Valentine’s to her friends – you can check out how we made them here

valentines weekend
We had a bit of a late night (for a toddler) on Friday, so Saturday was a struggle. Eleanor got her 1st piece of jewelry for Valentine’s Day – a necklace from her grandma and grandpa. She LOVED it, but let’s just say, she wasn’t thrilled at the idea of getting her picture taken…

valentines weekend
But then Daddy took his girls out to brunch at Wheatfields, and that fixed everything (like mother, like daughter haha)

valentines weekend
We kept things pretty low-key the rest of the day in hopes that Eleanor would rest up a bit. She spent a lot of time taking care of her babies – here she is washing her baby’s face after feeding her. Her imagination melts my heart :)

valentines weekend
Our Valentine’s night didn’t go exactly as planned, but it was perfect. Jeff picked up pizza for Eleanor and I and Chinese takeout for himself. And after E *finally* fell asleep, we rented a movie on Amazon prime and finished off the chocolate cake I made for Jeff’s birthday – delicious!

valentines weekend
Sunday morning started with a swim at LifeTime. Eleanor got a brand new suit, so we HAD to take a locker room selfie!

valentines weekend
Our little fishy is LOVING the water these days (which is awesome if you remember how terrible swimming lessons were this fall). She goes under water, blows bubbles, and jumps in from the edge of the pool! We’re SO ready for summer!

valentines weekend
The rest of the day was spent playing with little Miss E, prepping meals for the week, and setting up our Amazon Moms account – with 2 girls in diapers soon, we gotta save where we can :)

Your turn:

How did you celebrate Valentine’s Day weekend?
Any money saving tricks to share on baby items? I’m all ears :)

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