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weekend snaps: zzz’s and zoo

Well friends, another weekend has come and gone. After a rocky start, we ended up taking advantage of our sunny days and got some quality family time in. As excited as we are about the arrival of little sis, we’re cherishing these last few weeks as a family of 3 :)

Eleanor woke up Saturday morning in a strange state. She hadn’t been eating or drinking particularly well the previous 48 hours, and she was utterly exhausted even after a full night of sleep. I was pretty worried, but she finally ate and drank and napped the whole morning on my chest.

It was an easygoing day – she went from one pair of jammies, to a bath, and straight into another. (My ideal wardrobe these days, haha)

By Sunday morning our little girl was back full force! We headed off to the zoo bright and early – Eleanor loves the birds and monkeys in the rainforest.

These two fit right in with the gorillas ;)

After being woken up from her nap by barking dogs (arg), I scored another nap with my little lady. I can’t pass up opportunities like these!

It was a windy day, but the sun was shining, so we had to head outside for some fun – Eleanor LOVES her swing just as much as ever!

And she had a new surprise from daddy – a slide!

She was pretty pleased with the new addition to her play set – I think she went down at least 30 times! A perfect way to cap off our weekend!

But before I go, I have some exciting news for any mamas with little ones out there – if you’re not following me on Instagram, you’re going to want to! I’m hosting a pretty awesome giveaway starting tonight (plus a bonus entry on tomorrow’s blog post). In the meantime, here’s your clue… 

Told ya it was awesome ;)

Your turn:
What was the highlight of your weekend?

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