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weekend on the water

Monday already? This weekend flew by! It was a perfect mixture of work and play!

First up was a bit of cardio. As hard as I tried to stay on track while in Dallas, traveling put a kink in my running plans. I decided to lace up for a couple of good runs this weekend! It was insanely humid on Saturday morning, but I made it through 5 miles. Sunday morning was absolutely GORGEOUS and perfect for my 7 mile run. That’s officially my longest run EVER. That may not seem far for many people, but I’m super proud of myself for not only finishing, but staying on pace!

lake weekend omaha
On Saturday afternoon we headed out to Jeff’s family’s cabin on the lake with a few friends. What started as a dreary, overcast afternoon, turned into one of the most beautiful days we’ve had all summer!

Jeff’s mom decorated the tables with bright flowers and brought all kinds of yummy treats. I just can’t say ‘no’ to scotcheroos! She also was on Eleanor duty which meant mama could go enjoy herself on the water!lake weekend omaha

We tubed…

lake weekend omaha

Played bags and ladder golf…

lake weekend omaha

Ate… a lot…

lake weekend omaha

And did a whole lotta standing around drinking beer… :)

lake weekend omaha

Towards the end of the evening, we (ok, I really had nothing to do with it) made a fire for roasting marshmallows. It was a team effort to get it started, and everybody got in on the s’mores action…

lake weekend omaha

I won’t even bother telling you how many I ate…

lake weekend omaha

With grandma’s help, little E was just a joy! She LOVED the sand and was excited to get to stay up past her bedtime and join in the fun! She fizzled near the end though – take a look at the yawwwwwwwn ;)

lake weekend omaha

It was SUCH a fun day – we have some really great friends!

lake weekend omaha

Our Sunday was less interesting. After my morning run, my parents took Eleanor out for the day so Jeff could do yard work and organize the garage while I deep cleaned our bathrooms. Exciting huh? Still, it feels good to start the week with a (mostly) clean house!

Hope your Monday is marvelous! Be sure to check back all week – lots of good posts coming your way!

Your turn:

What are your favorite yard games to play?
Do you call the game pictured above “bags” or “corn hole?” This is constantly up for debate in our circle of friends :)

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