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Why hello!

Wow, it has been a long, LONG time since my last post! To sum up the past few weeks: my first semester of school is officially under my belt, J’s sisters graduated, I was given a very lovely bridal shower and J and I purchased our first car together! Whew, time to slow down for a bit.

J and I had an amazing trip back home. It was incredibly busy with family gatherings and all things wedding, but we definitely found time to relax. Our road trip home started with a bang – literally. We said goodbye to J’s old ’97 Camry about 4 hours into the trip when it completely broke down in Iowa City. We ended up renting a car to get back to Omaha just in time for my ever important hair appointment… AND his sister’s graduation.

It was really nice to be back with the Creighton community. Sometimes it feels like we’ve never really left – but trying to keep up with the new graduates at the bar was a little more difficult than I last remember. :)

Here are a few snapshots from our time back in Omaha – I’ll fill you in with more highlights later this week! Hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine – about time!

Hanson Lake Omaha

Creighton commencement

Creighton Graduation!

Creighton graduation commencement

J and I after commencement

The Moon Omaha

Celebrating graduation at The Moon

Cali Taco Omaha

A trip to Cali Taco is always a must!

Cali Taco Omaha



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