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wiaw: toddler edition

Some of my favorite blog posts to read each week are WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday) recaps. It’s a great way to get new recipe ideas and change up old routines. I especially love when moms post what their kiddos are eating because sometimes feeding a toddler feels like a giant mystery to me :)

Today I’m linking up with Jenn from Peas and Crayons for my 1st ever WIAW post, and Eleanor is my subject. And since I’m always curious about not only WHAT other kids are eating, but also HOW MUCH, I included before and after pictures for each meal (just note that every day looks a little different for Eleanor, so don’t read too much into it).

Here’s a look at what Eleanor ate (Monday)…

Breakfast is never the same two days in a row around here. She’s either ravenous or not hungry at all. I get tired of preparing meals that aren’t eaten, so I stick to the basics. Her mornings always start with a cup of almond milk mixed with her probiotic.  A banana is a must, and today she had Stonyfield yogurt mixed with cereal.

wiaw toddler edition
Morning snack
Most days, we’re out and about during her morning snack, but today I was tackling laundry. She LOVES these Motts Applesauce squeezers. They’re easy to throw in her backpack and make a minimal mess. If she’s still hungry, I’ll usually give her a graham cracker or two.

wiaw toddler edition
Lunch is Eleanor’s biggest meal of the day, so I always try to really make it count. She gobbles down anything and everything if it’s soup, so I make this minestrone recipe loaded with veggies a lot. Today she had soup with strawberries and cheese cubes. She doesn’t get cheese very often since too much dairy doesn’t go well for her, so I bet you can imagine what she ate first ;)

wiaw toddler edition
Afternoon snack
After her nap, Eleanor’s ready for her afternoon snack. She has her 2nd cup of almond milk (with or without another packet of probiotic depending on how her tummy’s doing) and something small to munch on. Today she had a berry Nutri-Grain bar.

wiaw toddler edition
I’m never sure how dinner will go, but I’d say today she ate an average meal. It’s really hard to keep her focused this late in the day, and she usually wants to rush to be done so she can play with her daddy, haha! Today she had a turkey burger and “dip” (ketchup), sweet potato, and peas.

wiaw toddler edition
Dinner is Eleanor’s last meal of the day, and then it all starts over again with almond milk in the morning :)

As a side note, we LOVE Eleanor’s booster seat. We have way fewer messes, she doesn’t fling food/cups onto the floor anymore, and she feels like such a big girl getting to eat at the table with us. I think the Minnie Mouse place mat might have something to do with it too ;)

I’m also a big fan of these divided plates. They are the perfect size and help keep everything in its place!

Your turn:

What is your little one’s favorite food?
Do you have any “go to” recipes for your family?

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