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Wisconsin Adventures: North Point Lighthouse

When J and I moved to Milwaukee, we started a Wisconsin Bucket List which includes all sorts of “Wisonsin-y” things to do (most of which include food and/or beer). We made quite a bit of progress checking things off our list this summer – riding the Milwaukee loop, visiting the Joan of Arc chapel, and a day at Kohler beach…

The bucket list has transformed into a bit of a tradition for us. We will each randomly take a day, plan events from the list, and surprise each other with a fun agenda as the day unfolds. It’s a fun way to liven up one of the rare weekends we have free and can usually be counted on as fairly low cost entertainment!

This weekend we explored the North Point Lighthouse. The weather was beautiful on Saturday – one of those perfectly crisp fall days. It was neat to learn about the history of the lighthouse and see relics from it’s tumultuous past. The lighthouse museum itself is fairly new with more and more exhibits being added all the time. We even got to climb the windy staircase to the very tip top of the lighthouse which included scaling a rather unstable, slippery ladder. I’m surprised J and I both did it – I don’t think either of us wanted to act chicken in front of the other :)

The view from the top was worth the climb – here are some photos from our latest adventure:

Almost there!

Enjoying the view!

Long way down!

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