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workin’ weekend

This was a LOOOONG weekend at our house. Nora has hit her 6 week growth spurt, so this mama was on the clock all weekend. We fed over, and over, and OVER! After being awake almost all day yesterday, Nora slept awesome last night (hallelujah)! In between our frequent feedings, we managed to have some fun which certainly made our weekend marvelous!

Marvelous was…
…going out to eat at Cheesecake Factory on Friday. I swear every time we go the portions get bigger! (How is that possible?!) Nora was a joy as always and we took home a (giant) piece of Oreo cheesecake to share later.


…heading downtown with Jeff’s family on Saturday. After dinner we walked down by the waterfront to see the ducks. I’m not sure Nora cared, but I couldn’t help but snap a picture of those adorable baby toes :)


…prying myself away from Nora long enough to help Jeff weed the landscaping in front of our house. I’m ashamed to admit that it’s the first time we’ve done it all summer – oh what the neighbors must think of us! It looks marvelous now though!


…finding a top on sale at J. Crew that is perfect for nursing. (So obviously I bought 2, haha!) Buttons are my best friend! Getting a couple of new items for my wardrobe was long overdue, so don’t be surprised if I wear them basically every day :)


…taking both of our girls for a walk while Jeff went out for his half marathon training. It was my first time pushing the stroller AND walking the dog. I was nervous, but Ruby behaved like an angel. Nora was awake the whole time, so it was a really nice way to start our day! We went again this morning, and I definitely see this becoming part of our routine


I didn’t make it to the gym as hoped this weekend, but I’m happy with the walks I managed to get in. I know I have to make fitness a priority, but I also know this fussy period of Nora’s will pass, and I want to be here for her when she needs me.

I’m going to put together a weekly schedule incorporating at-home workouts, neighborhood runs, and swimming. I’ll officially be able to leave Nora at the daycare on Thursday which will make logistic much easier!

How was your weekend?
Any suggestions for getting through a newborn growth spurt?
Do you like scheduling your weekly workouts, or are you the kind of person who goes with the flow?

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