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10 questions that run through my head daily

Being a stay-at-home mom to two kids under two leads to some strange questions that run through my head on a daily basis. Here’s a look at what’s puzzling me now…

10 questions that run through my head daily
1. Which side do I need to nurse from? Hold on, let me feel which boob is bigger…

2. How do babies’ belly buttons work? They’re super weird!

3. What’s the difference between daytime clothes and night time clothes for an infant?

4. How in the world is the diaper genie full again?

5. What’s a socially acceptable amount of ketchup allowed on your toddler’s face when going in public?

6. Should I try go to sleep now, or will the baby wake up in 5 minutes?

7. Will today be the day I don’t get puked on?

8. Is it really possible to toddler proof ANYTHING in your house?

9. Is the baby smelly yet? I can’t remember when I last bathed her…

10. Is this normal? (All day, every day)

In case you’re wondering – it’s 7am and no, today is NOT the day I don’t get puked on ;)

Your turn:
What’s running through your head today?


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