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the 1st trimester: baby #1 vs. baby #2

I’ve heard it time and time again, “every pregnancy is different,” and now I can unequivocally tell you that is true! From how we found out we were pregnant, to first trimester symptoms, to the first prenatal appointment, this pregnancy has been completely different from my first. How? Let’s take a look…

The positive test:

pregnancy differences
Pregnancy 1:
I had been feeling “off” for a few days and my chest felt like it had doubled in size. Even putting on a bra hurt. Jeff convinced me to take a pregnancy test, and his prediction was spot on – I was pregnant!

Pregnancy 2: I had no signs or symptoms of pregnancy. I took a test before a girl’s trip to Kansas City to see if I could sneak a glass of wine. Nope! Much to my surprise, it came back positive!

Both pregnancies: I received a positive result at 4 weeks with both pregnancies. I also took about 6 (ok, 10) tests both times because it just didn’t feel real ;)

The 1st trimester symptoms:

morning sickness
Pregnancy 1:
Aside from my chest turning into boulders, fatigue was my biggest enemy early on. I had night class, so I spent many days curled up on the couch napping with our dog Ruby. At about six weeks, I developed all day nausea but only actually got sick a couple of times.

Pregnancy 2: No changes in my chest this time. I talked to my OB about it, and she told me it’s normal for breastfeeding mamas to not notice breast changes as easily. She also mentioned that my body may not feel the need to “prepare” as early this time around. Fatigue set in once again, as did the all day nausea. Afternoons and evenings are the worst time for me. I got sick almost daily from weeks 6-10. I should also mention bloating. Oh, the bloating. My pants haven’t buttoned for weeks.

Both pregnancies: Acne. Because nothing says “I’m ready to be a mother” quite like a forehead full of pimples. Also, sleeping on the couch is the most comfortable, and I pee every 8 seconds.

The 1st prenatal appointment:

Pregnancy 1:
 I had my first prenatal appointment at 6 weeks and was full of nerves. For some reason I thought I would show up and they would tell me I wasn’t pregnant after all. I was living in Milwaukee and it was the first time I had met my doctor. We did the family health history, drew blood, did the pelvic exam, and immediately went in for an ultrasound. My due date was adjusted by 3 days and it was AMAZING to see our sweet babe so early.

Pregnancy 2: I didn’t have my first appointment until 9 weeks. It was a LONG wait, but I felt much more confident this time around. I’m seeing the same OB who delivered Eleanor, and she is fantastic. We did the same family health history, billion blood vials, and pelvic exam. There was no ultrasound scheduled, but I think she could tell I was disappointed. She suggested doing a dating ultrasound to confirm due date. We came back the following week for the ultrasound and saw our sweet babe at 9 weeks, 3 days.

Both pregnancies: The pregnancy FINALLY felt real. Also, I never drink enough water before blood draws.

The bump: 

baby 1 vs baby 2
Pregnancy 1:
I had a bit of bloat with Eleanor, but nothing crazy. I could wear my regular clothes for a long, long time. Looking back at my photos, I think my bump really appeared around 20 weeks.

Pregnancy 2: Hello belly! I mentioned bloat earlier in this post, and yes, my belly has been fluctuating a lot over the last few weeks. However, at 11 weeks a belly popped! And at just 12 weeks, I look exactly like I did at 20 weeks the first time around. I’m hoping everything evens out or else I’m going to be a freight train by 40 weeks ;)

Both pregnancies: The bump is a welcome sight. The first trimester is hard – you feel absolutely crummy and nobody can even tell your pregnant. The bump is a nice reminder of why you’re putting yourself through everything – that sweet babe in there is SO worth it!

I’m sure I’ll continue finding new ways this pregnancy is totally different, but one thing will always be the same. I consider myself so lucky to have the privilege of being pregnant and growing this baby. It’s a big responsibility and despite the sometimes unpleasant moments, I truly love pregnancy. Bring on the 2nd trimester! :)

Your turn:

Mamas with 2+, did you have totally different pregnancies or did things feel different the second time around?
Think any of the differences mean a boy is on the way? We are all expecting another girl around here :)

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