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July 2013


Today's blog challenge from Liv, Laugh, Love is on the topic of faith. I immediately thought of a conversation I had with my mom while rocking Eleanor in her nursery. I had tears in my eyes looking down at my perfect little girl, and my mom asked me what I was thinking. I couldn't say [...]

dear body

Today's blog challenge from Liv, Laugh, Love is to write a letter. Any letter. A letter that's meant to be read. I thought about this for quite awhile before deciding who to write my letter to... It's someone very deserving :) Dear Body, First of all, thank you. You've been unbelievable. You supported me through [...]

Some of my favorite fieldwork experiences while getting my teaching degree were in the 3 and 4 year old preschool rooms. Kids at this age are so honest and unfiltered – plus they are just a TON of fun! My favorite place to interact with the students was the dramatic play center. It was so [...]

Every expectant mother and new mom knows what it's like to be bombarded with advice. With a growing bump or new baby, family, friends and perfect strangers often offer words of wisdom about becoming a parent. Even with 9 months of such encounters, during my first two weeks of motherhood, I have found 3 things [...]

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