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the 2nd trimester: baby 1 vs baby 2

Now that I’m well on my way through my 3rd trimester, I decided to take a look back and compare 2nd trimester with baby #1 and baby #2. It was fun to do with my 1st trimester, and again I was surprised by what has been the same and what has been different this time around!

16 weeks pregnant baby bump
The bump

As you could certainly see on my 1st trimester comparison post, I popped early and grew FAST! However, over time my body began to “even out” and my bumps got much closer in size.

Both girls have liked to hang out on the right side of my belly. That’s where I feel and see the majority of their movement through both pregnancies. My belly shape is much the same too – kind of pointy really (if that’s even possible).

My 2 bellybutton stretch marks from my pregnancy with Eleanor have returned – if any young girls (or parents of young girls) are out there reading this, DO NOT PIERCE YOUR BELLYBUTTON. It will do weird, weird things during pregnancy, haha.

20 weeks pregnant baby bump
My body

I’ve mentioned this in my “bumpdates” a few times, but I’m definitely dealing with more back pain this pregnancy. I think it can mostly be attributed to a weak core, unhealed diastasis, and carrying around a toddler.

I’m not overly concerned with my weight (I’d rather concentrate on my eating habits and activity level than the number on the scale), but from what I remember, I’m right on track to gain the same amount I did with Eleanor. My body shape is definitely different though – I’ve got a bigger butt and thighs this time around.

Something similar between this pregnancy and the last is that eyebrows are falling out again (yay). I have never heard of this before, but I kid you not, big chunks of my eyebrows disappeared during both pregnancies. Luckily, they grew back postpartum, so I hope they do again!

As far as other symptoms go, I had terrible heartburn with Eleanor, but it hasn’t popped up nearly as much this time around. I’m thinking little girl #2 might not have a full head of hair like her big sister.

24 weeks pregnant baby bump
The prenatal appointments

This time around, I have my little buddy Eleanor to accompany me on my prenatal appointments (which always keeps things interesting, haha)! I’m definitely more calm these days, and I have fewer questions and concerns.

With my first pregnancy, I was “borderline” on my original glucose test so I had to do the 3 hour. I swear that 3 hour test sticks in my mind as more traumatic than labor. Ugh. Luckily, I passed, and didn’t end up needing to do anything further. This time I passed my glucose on the first try, and I was SO relieved.

Also, during the anatomy scan with Eleanor, my placenta was too low, so I ended up having 2 more ultrasounds to make sure it moved enough not to complicate labor. I ended up with 5 ultrasounds total with Eleanor, but it looks like we’re just going to have 2 total this time around. I believe ultrasounds should only been conducted when the doctor deems them necessary, but I sure would like to see my little girl again ;)

Your turn:

2nd time mamas, any surprises in your pregnancies so far? What’s the same, what’s different?
What’s the weirdest pregnancy side effect you’ve ever heard of? My eyebrows just baffle me


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