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5 best sippy cups

As babies get older, many things change. Crawling leads to cruising. Babbles lead to first words. And bottles lead to cups. Over the past few months, Eleanor and I have been on the search for the perfect sippy cup. At our 9 month appointment, my pediatrician recommended having Eleanor off bottles by around 1 year, so I diligently began working on her cup skills.

5 best sippy cups
While I’ve been very intentional about building her sippy cup skills, I’ve made sure the experience is relaxed for Eleanor. She’s offered her cups at every meal and then at various times throughout the day when I think she might be getting thirsty. No pressure. Just some good ‘ol experimentation :)

5 best sippy cups
Through our training cup trials, I’ve come to realize that there are 3 aspects to consider when choosing a cup: drinkability, cleanability, and spillability. Basically, how well can baby drink from the cup, how easy is it to clean, and how much water can you expect to clean up when baby inevitably launches the cup off the highchair :)

With cabinets overflowing with assorted cups, Eleanor and I managed to weed through all the “duds” and narrow our choices down to our 5 favorite cups! Keep reading to see how they each rate on my 3 vital sippy cup tests!


5 Best Training Cups for Baby

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature First Sips Weaning Cup

Drinkability: This was Eleanor’s very first sippy cup. It has a soft spout that only releases water when it’s squeezed. The small size and easy to grip handles make it easy for her to tip into her mouth.
Cleanability: All the pieces come apart very easily to clean. It’s a little tough to get inside the water spout, but nothing too terrible.
Spillability: Spills are pretty minor with this cup.

NUK Gerber Graduates Sippy Cup w/ Trainer

Drinkability: Liquids flow a bit faster through this cup. There is no valve to slow down the flow, so if baby is squeezing down on the spout, water will come out quickly.
Cleanability: Once you get the cup apart, it’s super easy to clean. However, it seals VERY tightly and I often have to wrestle with it to get the top unscrewed. Not my favorite for cleaning.
Spillability: Expect more spills with this cup. The spout has a slit rather than holes. If it lands wrong, you can have major spillage.

Camelbak Kid’s Eddy Water Bottle

Drinkability: This is Eleanor’s current favorite (at 1 year). She can easily handle this water bottle, and the straw is the perfect size for her mouth. She caught on to the Camelbak drinking method very quickly (you have to slightly bite while you drink). It’s also nice that she doesn’t have to tip the bottle and it holds more liquid now that she’s drinking more.
Cleanability: This cup has the most parts to take care of, but it disassembles completely. I usually soak the parts once a day and give all the components a thorough cleaning.
Spillability: This will splatter a bit when dropped (much like the Tommee Tippee), but as long as the straw is in securely, you should have any major spills.

Amazon.com OXO Tot Training Cup

Drinkability: This cup is a bit advanced for Eleanor at this point. I’ve been offering her an open lipped cup daily just to get her used to the idea. This cup is neat because it has a plastic piece that fits in the top to slow down the flow of water. It doesn’t matter what side baby decides to drink from because there are slots all the way around the top.
Cleanability: Super easy to clean. The plastic piece snaps in and out with no issues, and the lid screws on and off without needing Hulk hands ;)
Spillability: Watch out for this cup! Even with the plastic insert, this cup will spill liquids just like a regular cup and you’ll have a puddle on your floor. If you let baby use it alone, try to have a towel under the highchair just in case this cup gets tossed!

Lollaland Lollacup

Drinkability: This isn’t our favorite cup right now, but I’m thinking as Eleanor grows, she’ll use it more. The straw on the Lollacup is much thinner than the Camelbak. Eleanor has a difficult time creating a seal to suck any water up. That being said, I love that the end of the straw is weighted, so baby can continue to drink to matter how the cup is tilted. The handles are also really nice for gripping and I love that the straw can be covered (yuck germs).
Cleanability: This cup came with a cleaning brush – hooray! I think this should be a prerequisite for ALL cups! I use this brush on all of my cups now, and I love that I’m able to get in-between all of the small pieces.

Spillability: This cup is about middle of the road in terms of spillage. A little more than the Camelbak, but less than the NUK.

As Eleanor continues to grow, I’m sure her needs and preferences will also evolve. I’m sure new “favorites” will emerge and old standards will be retired. Remember that every baby is different and what works for one, may not work for another! Just be patient, keep practicing, and remember that parenting is a messy, messy job :)

Your turn:

Any suggestions for cup training a baby/toddler?
Did/does you little one have a favorite cup?

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