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7 reasons you should try infant massage

I did infant massage with Eleanor when she was little, but it’s a routine I haven’t started with baby Everly yet. After talking to Taron (our FAVORITE yoga instructor at Mommy Fitness who is also a Licensed Massage Therapist) about the benefits of infant massage, I’m definitely making it a priority again! 

7 reasons you should try infant massage
Just 15 minutes a day can yield a variety of awesome results for both baby AND mama!

7 Reasons you should try Infant Massage

1. Improves baby’s body awareness
You know when babies find their fingers and are TOTALLY fascinated? You’re helping bring attention to parts of their body they haven’t discovered yet

2. Promotes crossing the midline
This helps build and strengthen pathways across the brain’s two hemispheres

3. Improves mama’s ability to react to baby’s cues
Watching and adjusting to baby’s movements and noises during a massage can help you learn your baby’s unique “language” of communication

4. Improves baby’s circulation
Much the same reason you and I go in for a massage

5. Reduces mama’s stress and blood pressure
The calming atmosphere is great for both the caregiver and baby

6. Reduces baby’s discomfort related to teething, colic, gas, and sinus congestion
The right techniques on different parts of the body can “get things moving” or stimulate the release of endorphins

7. Wonderful bonding between baby and mama
It’s a great opportunity for 1-on-1 time with no distractions – build it into your weekly routine!

If you’re a mama in the Omaha area, you’re in luck!

Taron is teaching an Infant Massage Workshop at Mommy Fitness on July 25 @ 12pm. You’ll learn a full body routine, the best time to do massage and any supplies you need! Check out all the details and find out how to reserve your spot here!

The workshop is going to be full of awesome information. so I hope you can make it!

Have you ever tried infant massage?
What benefit of infant massage do you find the most compelling?

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