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a little goes a long way

Different seasons of my life always seem to teach me different lessons. In the midst of life with a 6 month old, 2.5 year old, the holidays, business travel, and buying/selling homes, my latest lesson has become crystal clear…

Even the littlest things can have a BIG impact.

House showings with two little ones were stressful. I’ve never been an immaculate housekeeper, so selling our home has been a bit of a homemaker bootcamp for me. Along the way, I realized the value of doing a little all day, every day.


I washed up each set of dishes instead of waiting for a sink full. I washed smaller loads of laundry instead of waiting for a week’s worth. And the girls and I put away toys as we finished playing with them instead of waiting until bedtime. Little things that made prepping for last minute showings infinitely easier.


Along the same lines, I learned that outings with the girls didn’t need to be grand adventures. Instead of trying to schedule in an ENTIRE morning at the Children’s Museum, I saw the value in a quick trip to the library or a walk around the block. It was a delight for the girls, and yet still completely manageable with a crazy schedule.


This is the first year in forever that we haven’t decorated for Christmas at our house – no tree, no lights on the house…. basically nothing. I was feeling kind of “Grinchy” about the whole season, when I realized that instilling some Christmas spirit into our home didn’t need to be elaborate.

Berry (our Elf on the Shelf) brought a miniature Christmas tree for Eleanor’s doll house. And we have spent numerous evenings picking out different neighborhoods around town to check out the Christmas light displays. Small things that added up to cherished memories.

I think this was an important lesson for me to learn at this particular moment in my life. I can be hard on myself when I don’t feel like I’m doing “enough” for my family. I’m still getting used to being a mom to two and it can all be a little overwhelming. Sometimes it’s impossible to truly give everything and everyone my best – and that’s ok. The little things go a long way.

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