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J and I wanted to wait a long as possible to start announcing news of Baby M. We knew the risks of pregnancy and were aiming to get past the 12 week mark before telling our parents and siblings. However, Thanksgiving presented itself as the perfect opportunity to share the news – we were hosting the festivities, so all of our family would be in one room (aside from my sister and her family in Texas). It was only a couple of weeks ahead of schedule, so we decided to go ahead and use the chance to tell our loved ones in person.

We knew we wanted to do something fun to announce the news, and we finally settled on giving each set of grandparents-to-be a little gift. We both fondly remembered reading the Mercer Meyer Little Critters books at kids, so we purchased “Grandpa, Grandma and Me” for each side as well as “Just Me and My Cousin” to send to my niece in Texas. Inside we wrote a little note, “For you to read to me in June. Love, Baby M.” I’m bummed that I forgot to take photos of the gifts, so here are the cover images I pulled from Amazon:

justmeandmycousin grandmagrandpaandme

When both families had arrived the night before Thanksgiving, we settled in the living room and I gave each of the “grandmas” the wrapped book. My mom laughed and said, “Is this some kind of announcement?” She was totally kidding, but completely right! Once the books were opened, both of their jaws dropped and they looked at me wide-eyed. I just nodded, “yes,” and they both jumped up to give J and I hugs. The “grandpas” caught on eventually and we spent the rest of the evening talking about the past 10 weeks, looking at ultrasound photos and laughing about all the telltale pregnancy signs my mom had missed during our daily conversations.

Since my sister’s family couldn’t join us from Texas, I had shipped the cousin book to my niece early and asked my sister to Skype with us on Thanksgiving. Mahala opened her book on camera and my sister looked up at us grinning, “I knew it!” I guess there’s not much you can hide from a sister, even across state lines. Mahala loved her book – the cousins get into a lot of mischief together, which is totally up Mahala’s alley :)

It was so fun to plan a special way to announce our good news to our families! What creative ideas have you seen? Do you think you’d be able to keep baby news a secret for the full 12 weeks?

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