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announcing baby #2 to our family

One of the most exciting parts of finding out your pregnant is getting to share the news with those you love! Jeff and I still love thinking back to when we 1st told our parents about expecting Eleanor :)

We decided to wait until near the end of our 1st trimester to tell our families about Baby #2. We didn’t even see the doctor until 9 weeks, so it felt right to wait. My mom had been down in Dallas for a few weeks helping out my sister’s family, so we had been hoping to wait for her return. One Sunday afternoon when my dad was visiting, I found myself completely out of patience, so I just HAD to spill the beans.

In the age of technology, FaceTime was our saving grace. As soon as the Dallas crew was all in the frame, I pulled out the ultrasound photo and told them that Eleanor was going to be a BIG sister! They were all shocked! It definitely wasn’t what I had planned, but it was personal and so special to see all of their smiling faces.

We decided to tell Jeff’s parents the next night at dinner. I had a little bit longer to plan (about 2 hours), so I whipped up a cute box of cupcakes to do the talking for us. I was out of time, so I bought plain vanilla frosted cupcakes at Hy-Vee and then decorated them with bows and candies for a pink and blue theme.

cupcake pregnancy announcement
Then I wrapped up a box and taped on the announcement:

cupcake pregnancy announcement
“Pink or blue, either will do… we can’t wait to meet baby #2!”

cupcake pregnancy announcement
Again, his parents were shocked, but thrilled with the news! With a granddaughter as sweet as Eleanor, who wouldn’t want another?! ;)

Your turn:

Have you seen any creative pregnancy announcements?

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