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Everything you need to know about Baby Boot Camp Stroller Classes

In-between all of our standard Summer favorites, the girls and I have added a new activity to our weekly routine: stroller classes! We’ve been going about twice a week for the past 6 weeks, and it’s safe to say that it’s a high point for all three of us!

Omaha Stroller Classes to do with your Kids

Baby Boot Camp Omaha West

I met Heather, owner of Baby Boot Camp Omaha West, through Eleanor actually. Our daughters were in the same preschool class, they became quick friends, and the rest is history! Heather offered me a free month of classes, which I excitedly took her up on.

Omaha Stroller Classes for Moms

Here to stay

June flew by, but since we all fell in love with Baby Boot Camp, we weren’t about to stop! There are lots of great options, but I signed up for the morning class plan, which fits perfectly with our schedule and is a great price!

Now that the girls and I have become “regulars,” I thought I’d take a moment to answer a few of the questions you mamas may have before getting started:

What will I do at class?

Ok, so this is probably the most important part, right? Baby Boot Camp classes are total body workouts that use interval training to incorporate cardio, strength and core work. We run/jog/walk with the kiddos in the strollers and do a variety of bodyweight and resistance exercises. I absolutely love the variety and I always leave class super sweaty and feeling great! :)

Every single class is different and everybody works at their own pace. There are pregnant mamas, newly postpartum mamas, mamas with preschoolers, and everything in-between!

Omaha Stroller Workouts

But what about my kids?

I bet this is the biggest concern mamas have. What will my active/wiggly/impatient kid(s) do during class? Trust me, I wondered the same thing. My girls spend time both in and out of the stroller. Occasionally they’ll join in my workout and even try different exercises like pushups and squats.

They probably spend more time out of the stroller than most kiddos, but I always pop them back in during transition times as we move around the park.

Omaha Stroller Classes for Moms and Kids
The classes are incredibly engaging for the kiddos. We sing songs, blow bubbles, and play games. I promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how seamless the experience is. How class works with kids looks different for every mama. But when I see a mom of three making it work, I know it’s 100% possible! My only word of advice? Bring lots of snacks! :)

West Omaha Outdoor Stroller Classes for

What do I need to bring with me?

For your first class, you’ll need a stroller, yoga mat or towel, and a water bottle. Heather will have any resistance bands you need until you get your own pack when you officially sign up. And as far as strollers go, you don’t need anything super fancy.

Omaha Stroller Classes
I use my regular stroller (not a jogging one) since that’s the only one I have to fit both girls. There’s a wide range in what kind of strollers mamas use. Sure, a jogging stroller would be easier to push, but I just think of it as an extra workout ;)

When and where do we meet?

This summer, outdoor classes are being held out at Lake Zorinsky (156 & F St entrance). We meet at the shelter by the restrooms and end by the playground so the kiddos have the opportunity to play.

Baby Boot Camp Omaha West at Lake Zorinsky
It’s honestly the perfect location – lots of shade and plenty of space to move around. The scenery is pretty great too! On particularly hot days, classes may be moved indoors to Southwest Church of Christ.

There are 6 classes offered each week. The girls and I do the mornings (offered Tues, Thurs, Fri and Sat at 9am), but there are evening classes as well (Mon and Wed at 6:15pm).

Wait, so you just work out?

Heck no! As much as I love the classes, the social aspect of Baby Boot Camp might be even better. There are stay-and-plays after the classes, special play dates, and monthly moms’ night out events! Just sticking around a bit after class is a great opportunity to connect with other mamas and provide your kiddos an opportunity to meet and make new friends.

Omaha Outdoor Stroller Classes

How do I sign up for a FREE class?

If you head over to the Baby Boot Camp website, you’ll see info on how to sign up for your FREE class. You can also email Heather at heather.mills@babybootcamp.com or text/call her at 402-321-5201.

And if you decide the unlimited package is for you (which let’s be honest, you will), you can get $10 off your first month by mentioning Makingmine! Yay!

I hope I’ll see you at class soon! I’m always looking for a workout buddy :)

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xoxo joanna

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