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baby safe play space


The following post is sponsored by buybuy BABY 

Eleanor’s little 2 year old world was rocked with the birth of Everly in April, but little did she know, that was only the beginning…

Eight months later, Everly is on the move and we’ve had to make some BIG adjustments in our house. Gone are the days of spreading out a blanket for baby, and playing next to her. Everly has places to go… and things to chew on ;)

She is lightening fast and always manages to get her chubby little fists around exactly what she can’t have. These days, “trouble” is spelled E-V-E-R-L-Y

creating a creative space for toddlers
Understandably, Eleanor gets frustrated when Everly gets in the middle of her play space. She knocks down towers, chews up puzzle pieces, and totally doesn’t respect the etiquette of “princess slumber party.” I on the other hand, am constantly running interference, trying to keep track of what’s within reach and removing all choking hazards.

With our recent move, it was the perfect time to create a baby safe play space that the whole family could enjoy. My biggest goal was to give Eleanor a dedicated area where she could spread out and play with toys that weren’t conducive to share with Everly. When I found this Melissa and Doug Activity Table at buybuy BABY, I knew it would be the perfect solution!

baby safe play space
It’s the perfect height for Eleanor to stand and play at, offers plenty of room to build and create, and has a raised edge to prevent small items from rolling onto the floor. There’s even a built in storage drawer that’s perfect for stashing Eleanor’s trains.

I put the rest of her “toddler only” toys in stackable storage bins that she can pull out to use at the table (yay for a more organization)!

creating a creative space for toddlers
If you ask Eleanor (yes, she’s wearing a Halloween pajama top and a Christmas tutu haha) her favorite part of our new house, she won’t say her brand new pink bedroom or the play set in the backyard – the train table wins, hands down! We’ve used it for pretty much everything imaginable…

baby safe play space
It’s so fun to be able to relax and enjoy the play room as a family. Everly has free reign of the floor, and Eleanor creates worlds of imagination of her table. I can’t wait until they’re playing up there together! :)

Your turn:
What adjustments have you made in your home to accommodate baby?
How do you balance the needs of different ages of kiddos?

*A big thank you to buybuy BABY for sponsoring today’s post! My girls couldn’t be happier with their play space

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