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{build your own} ball pit

Another 1st birthday post coming your way today! As I mentioned a few weeks ago, we had the BEST time at Eleanor’s Berry 1st Birthday! She’s one lucky lady to have so many people in her life who love and care for her! She was also pretty darn spoiled with amazing, thoughtful gifts from all of her guests – her new toy box is definitely getting put to good use!

Our friends Kelly and John assembled a super creative, super cute present perfect for our little 1 year old – her very own ball pit! Kelly is a DIY queen and made the whole package just adorable! Check it out:

build your own ball pit
Eleanor’s gift came with personalized instructions for dad to set up E’s new ball pit:

build your own ball pit
We used the air pump from our exercise ball to inflate her little pool and then just dumped in gobs of balls! Eleanor knew JUST what to do and immediately climbed in for some fun!

build your own ball pit
Right now her favorite ball pit activity is to pile balls into her shopping cart, make a lap around our basement, and then empty her cart back into the ball pit. She could do this on repeat for hours :)

build your own ball pit
Luckily, Kelly included some fantastic ideas for ball pit games (I told you she thought of everything). Some are great now, and others will become more age appropriate as she grows. The elementary school teacher in me just loves these:

build your own ball pit
She printed up the game ideas on cute paper to display near E’s ball pit. Easily accessible for when I’m finally bored with the shopping cart shenanigans, haha ;)

build your own ball pit
We’ve played with the ball pit outside, taught our play group friends how to play our favorite games, and yes, chased our fair share of balls around the house ;)

Thanks again to Kelly for such a fun, thoughtful gift – I know it will get good use for years to come!

Your turn:

Do your kiddos have any favorite games?
What other games can you think of for ball pit fun?

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