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becoming a mom of two

In just 15 short weeks, my life (well, our whole family’s lives) will change forever. We’ll go from a family of 3 to 4. I’ll go from a mom of 1 to 2.

And while she’s not in my arms yet, with every punch, kick and flip, my baby girl reminds me that she’s already very much a part of our lives.

becoming a mom of two
My growing belly has meant changes for Eleanor too. There’s a little less space to cuddle into my lap for a good book, my hips are no longer a comfortable ledge to get carried around on, and this mama can only handle so much spinning, jumping and twirling in one day.

becoming a mom of two
But what about when she’s really here? Recently while folding a stack of newborn clothing, I started thinking about what this beautiful addition to our family will mean.

What will Eleanor think of her mama being gone during labor and delivery?

How will she feel when she sees her parents with another baby?

What will I do when the baby is nursing and Eleanor needs comfort? 

When will I have time to get everything done?

How will I give the BEST of myself to BOTH of my girls? 

becoming a mom of two
I know millions of mom have been in this exact same place and I should take comfort in the fact that life has a way of sorting itself out.

I also look back at the past 18 months and realize that adjusting to life as a first time mom wasn’t easy, but it was wonderful.

becoming a mom of two
Confusing, tiring, stressful, emotional, and completely WONDERFUL.

And here we are – a happy, healthy family of 3 waiting to welcome its newest member. Baby #2 – we’re ready for you :)

Your turn:

What advice do you have for me as a 2nd time mom?

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