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behind the scenes blog tour

Take an inside look at what it’s like writing, creating, and photographing for Makingmine.com 

behind the scenes blog tour
Who nominated me?
I was nominated last week by Hannah from Clean Eating Veggie Girl. Hannah is a friend both from the blogosphere and “real life.” If you’re a regular reader of Makingmine, you’ve probably seen her photo countless times and heard me rave about her creations in Three Cooks One Kitchen. It’s been so fun getting to know Hannah over the past year, and I’m very thankful for the Omaha Bloggers group for bringing us together! I not only gained a friend, but I also gained a great new blog to read. Hannah posts the most amazing vegetarian/vegan friendly recipes on Clean Eating Veggie Girl, and while my family may not be vegetarian, we have still tried (and loved) her ideas!

What am I working on?
Since Makingmine is a mix of lifestyle, parenting, food and fitness posts, I’m often working on any number of different types of posts. And most recently we’ve added pregnancy to that list! Lately I’ve been writing up recaps of different elements of my 1st trimester as well as how we’re beginning to prepare for baby #2.

In the past few weeks I’ve been trying to improve my photography. I know blogs with great photos are much more enjoyable and engaging to read, and I want to make each post I publish great. I’ve taken simple steps like actually using my DSLR camera rather than reaching for my iPhone and setting up a lighting and staging area in our spare bedroom to take still shots. Bear with me – I still have a lot to learn!

How does my work differ from others of its genre?
Although the word makes me cringe, I guess Makingmine most closely identifies as a “mommy blog” and we all know there are TONS of mommy blogs out there. I think what makes me different is that I try to tell a story in each post. I also rely heavily on images to do the talking and spend a lot of time finding the perfect pictures to accent my thoughts.

I also try to be as candid as possible. I let you know about my successes as well as my failures, my fears and disappointments as a mother, and how tough marriage can be.

about makingmine
Why do I write/create what I do?
I started Makingmine on a whim after quitting my job and waiting for my semester of school to start. I had a lot of free time on my hands and needed an outlet for creativity. I actually began blogging on Tumblr before my husband Jeff convinced me to switch over to WordPress and get a bit more serious. I’ve been lucky to have his help for everything design/technical-wise, because I’m absolutely clueless.

Three years later I’m blogging for much the same reason. I write about what I’m passionate about – my family, good food, and staying healthy. I enjoy the challenge of coming up with fresh content, and I like seeing my stories take shape on the screen. I also love that on some level, I have a virtual scrapbook of my life – it’s all here! An unexpected perk has been the friendships I’ve forged both here and all across the country. Bloggers are some of the greatest people you’ll ever “meet” :)

How does my writing/creative process work?
I don’t have set “process” for working on Makingmine. I try to map out my editorial calendar at least 2 weeks ahead of time so that I know I have a good mix of topics on the horizon. The hard part is actually getting them written. In an ideal world, I would have the upcoming week’s posts all done over the weekend, but that rarely never happens. It’s pretty much impossible to write when I’m home alone with Eleanor.

5:00am is the best time for me to write, so I head down to the basement to get a head start on my morning. Now that Jeff is no longer telecommuting, his old office is home to Murnan Creative and Makingmine. I know that on a good day, I have 1.5 hours to myself to get writing done. Sometimes I can sneak in some extra work while Eleanor eats breakfast. Otherwise, I wait for nap time or for Eleanor to go to bed at night. My first job is to be her mom, so blogging always comes second.

It’s always fun having her around though! Here she is “helping” me with those silhouette pregnancy shots from last week haha:

behind the scenes blog tour
The next stop!

itz linz
The next stop on the Behind the Scenes Blog Tour is Itz Linz. I’ve been reading Lindsay’s blog FOREVER! She’s a fellow teacher, fitness fanatic, and mom to the most adorable little boy William. I loved reading Lindsay’s journey to motherhood and now it’s great keeping up with her growing little guy. She’s a fantastic person with a great attitude, and I love it when I see her updates in my email first thing in the morning!

Make sure to check out her Behind the Scenes post next week!

I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about what it’s like blogging at Makingmine! Let me know if you have any questions :)


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