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How the Best Play Room Table Transformed our Mornings

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Mornings are without a doubt the most hectic time of the day around here. I’m getting everything set up for the day, the girls are ravenous for breakfast, and Jeff and I are coordinating schedules. It’s easy to feel like I’m being pulled in a million different directions. To sum it up, it’s absolute chaos!

And as someone who truly would prefer not to encounter another human for the first hour of the day, this just wasn’t working for me ;)

I decided the best way to add a sense of calm to our mornings would be to set up some activities for the girls to work on independently at our play room table. Something to center their attention and give me a minute to get my day in order.

Best play room table for learning activities for your preschooler

We’ve had the best play room table and stool set from buybuy BABY for a few months and have loved using it for art projects. By moving it into our (never used) dining room, I created a dedicated space for the girls to quietly play and explore, while still being within earshot so I can tend to their needs.

Best play room table for learning activities

Every morning the girls are greeted by a morning message and a new activity they can work on independently. Eleanor loves doing her best to read our magnetic sign, and both girls love diving into a novel project.

Best play room table for your home

I set everything up the night before and try to pull different kinds of activities that we usually don’t play with on regular basis. We have lots of great toys that I store out of the girls’ reach – mostly because they tend to have a million pieces that I don’t want dumped out willy nilly. And historically, I’ve been pretty bad at remembering to get them out.

These kinds of activities are educational, engaging, and absolutely PERFECT for morning table time. It keeps the play controlled, while also making sure these toys get good use!

Here are a few of my favorites so far

Best play room table for preschool educational activities

Lacing beads and cards

Best play room table for your kids

Pattern blocks and boards

Best play room table for toddlers and preschoolers

Color and shape sorting

Best play room table for learning activities for kids

Dress up bears

Best play room table for doing puzzles

Magnetic puzzles

Best play room table for learning activities for your kids

Pattern cards

Best play room table for doing educational activities at home

Magnetic letters

Best play room table for encouraging educational play

The stools are perfect for both Everly (2) and Eleanor (4) with plenty of room to grow. I envision many more quiet mornings spent at this table, as well as time creating arts & crafts and working on school projects.

Best play room table for pretend play

The table is also pretty perfect for tea parties ;)

The girls love our new routine and run down the stairs straight to the play room table, and I love the sense of calm and purpose it’s brought to our mornings. Any ideas for new activities to add?

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xoxo joanna

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