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A Better Way to Babyproof

This post is sponsored by The Stair Barrier. As always, all opinions are my own. 

Before I had kids of my own, there was one thing I completely underestimated: babyproofing. 

It wasn’t long before I came to the realization that my children must have some sort of superpowers: elastic arms, rocket speed, and the ability to defy gravity. They could reach ANYTHING, run ANYWHERE, and climb EVERYWHERE.

And let’s not even start on their love of electrical sockets ;)

In our first home, we tried a carousel of different baby gates. Every purchase ended the same way: broken and with a new set of holes drilled into our bannisters.

Needless to say, our staircase was looking rough by the time we sold our house.

A Better Way to Babyproof with The Stair Barrier

A Better Way to Babyproof

Right around when we moved into our new home in 2015, we received The Stair Barrier. And at the time, I had no idea how much of a game changer this handy baby gate would be. Over the past year, we have come to love SO much about The Stair Barrier.

Here are four of our favorite things about The Stair Barrier:

Babyproof your home in style with The Stair Barrier

1. It doesn’t damage our staircase

After seeing the aftermath of installing our previous baby gates, I was thrilled that The Stair Barrier required no screws, no drilling, and actually – no tools whatsoever! One year later, and our bannisters are still in pristine condition!

2. It’s very quiet

I can’t even begin to explain how many times this scenario happened at the old house: I put the girls down for a nap, stepped through the baby gate, and CRASH! Our old gates were constantly clanking and creaking, but The Stair Barrier is virtually silent. A major plus for mamas whose houses are noisy enough ;)

Why we Love the Stair Barrier (rather than traditional baby gates)

3. It’s easy open and close

The Stair Barrier is the perfect combination of “too tough for kids” but “easy enough for mom” when it comes to opening and closing it. I was routinely barred from the stairs when our old gates would get jammed, so The Stair Barrier’s ease of use gets a big thumbs up from me!

4. It absolutely works

This is probably the most important point – it truly works! We don’t really like the girls wandering upstairs by themselves, so The Stair Barrier has been a lifesaver at keeping them out of mischief. It’s been 100% safe and secure, and minimized the messes the girls have gotten into.

Pet proof your home in style with The Stair Barrier

The Stair Barrier is here to stay

Ok, I lied – there’s one more big reason I love our Stair Barrier. It LOOKS good! Whether it’s stretched across the staircase or rolled neatly to the side, it perfectly blends into the aesthetic of our home.

This is a really good thing since it’s here to stay! See that little white dog? She’s not allowed upstairs alone either, so once our girls are grown, our baby gate will officially become a puppy gate ;)

What has been your biggest babyproofing surprise?

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xoxo joanna


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