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breastfeeding: a love/hate relationship

So far I’ve shared with you why I chose to breastfeed and how I’ve made breastfeeding work. Today I want touch on my love/hate relationship with breastfeeding. Obviously, the love side has won out for me, but there are definitely things I don’t enjoy about being a breastfeeding mama.

Everybody’s experience is different, but here are a few of my biggest yays and nays:

love hate breastfeeding

Love: $ saving
Formula is expensive! We were given a breakdown of baby expenses during our birthing classes, and I think that’s the moment Jeff jumped on the breastfeeding bandwagon. Exclusively formula feeding a baby for a year costs about $1000. Breastfeeding costs $0. How’s that for savings?! ;)

Hate: Messy, messy leaks
Ugh. This has to be my top complaint. I long for the days when I could make it through a day without having to change my shirt at least once due to a leak. Or the ability to throw on a bra without absorbent pads. But alas, messy, messy leaks continue to be my normal.

love hate breastfeeding

Love: Health benefits
We’ve all heard it time and time again, but there’s really no substitute for nature’s baby food! I love being able to provide Eleanor a solid start in life!

Hate: Not MY body
My body is really still Eleanor’s. Like pregnancy, the decisions I make for myself affect my baby as well. We’ve recently been dealing with MSPI which has made a huge impact on what I’m able to eat for Eleanor’s sake.

love hate breastfeeding

Love: Convenience
You can’t forget the milk at home! Breastfeeding ensures Eleanor’s milk is always available – the right temp and the right amount too! :)

Hate: Anticipating feedings/pumping
There’s a surprising amount of math in breastfeeding, Here’s a typical thought as I try to leave the house: If Eleanor ate at 5:00, that means I have approximately 2 hours before she’ll need another 3 ounces. I’ll be gone past her next 2 feedings. If I pump 5 ounces now, I could wait 3 more hours and then feed her at home. OR, I could wait to pump and use the milk from yesterday to account for the 6 ounces I’ll miss nursing her. But then I’ll have to wake up sometime overnight to pump and make up for the missed feeding. See? Confusing.

love hate breastfeeding

BONUS LOVE: Baby bonding
Can’t beat it!

Like anything in life, breastfeeding isn’t a black and white experience. There are things I love and things I hate. Moments of joy and moments of frustration. And as long as the positives keep winning out, we’re doin’ good :)

Your turn:

Can you relate to a love/hate relationship? Besides breastfeeding, I’d say the treadmill is my next biggest love/hate :)


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