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breastfeeding round 2

For anyone who has been following along since Eleanor was a baby, you know that despite doing it for 13 months, breastfeeding wasn’t the easiest endeavor for us (<– read more here). I’m extremely happy to say that things are totally different this time around!

I wasn’t sure what to expect with baby #2. I came to the hospital prepared for the “worst” (using a nipple shield again), but hoping for the best.

breastfeeding the 2nd baby
After she was born, Everly was immediately placed on my chest where she began to breastfeed. She remained there for the next 2 hours – yes, 2 hours! I firmly believe that this made a world of difference in how our breastfeeding relationship began. Once we were moved to the Mother and Baby floor, I called for a lactation consultant to come and take a look at our latch since I struggled with this the first time around.

She showed me how best to pull Everly’s chin down and splay her lips for a good latch. She also showed me a new hold that I still occasionally use when Everly is having any difficulty getting started. This time around, I got things corrected before any pain began or damage was done (SO important!). People always told me that breastfeeding shouldn’t hurt, and now I finally believed them!

Everything just seemed to click. My milk came in on day 2 and I didn’t get nearly as engorged this time around (a benefit of being a 2nd time mom). Everly ate efficiently, and maintained her weight well.

It’s been amazing how simple breastfeeding has been!

This is what I imagined it should be like: able to feed anytime, anywhere, no special considerations needed! I’ve breastfed at restaurants, the library, the pool, and while playing with Eleanor at the kid’s gym! It has given me the freedom I wanted so badly last time! I don’t feel like I’m missing out on life.

Does that mean we haven’t had our issues? Nope!

I’ve already had a plugged duct which I luckily was able to clear up before mastitis developed. Also, just like last time I have fast letdown and oversupply. This means that Everly occasionally overeats and spits up BIG time, but it mostly means that things are very, VERY messy with leaks. To try to decrease my supply, I have been doing block feeding in 4 hour increments.

So why am I telling you this?

I guess I just wanted to share that if you’re interested in breastfeeding, it’s important to ask for help. Also, if you’re a 2nd time mom who had a rough experience with baby #1, you may be pleasantly surprised with baby #2! I know every mama and every baby is different – just try to keep an open mind and do what feels natural.

Your turn:
2nd+ time moms – what are some differences you noticed between your babes?



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